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Roofing a House


It's no secret that the roof is the hardhat of the home. Without a solid roof, everything and everyone in your home is in jeopardy. The industry can be deceiving due to malicious manufacturers warranties that at the end of the day, don't cover anything other than manufacturer defects.


So, when you hear "don't worry, I use a 50-year shingle" Remember that this is only against defects caused by the manufacturer. This is where we set ourselves apart.


We provide you with a true, 25-year craftsmanship warrantied roof, guaranteeing you we will be there if, when, and where you need us. We can offer this because, we have collected the best individual products from across the industry regardless of brand.


We utilize a fully synthetic energy saver underlayment as well as doubling any code requirements to give you and your family the most protection possible. As you can see, we have thought of everything to build you a roof that truly is ELITE, both in lifetime and functionality. Call or click to schedule your free estimate today!

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